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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Farmstand Fun, Dirt & more!

The leaves on the trees are brilliant colors, nights & mornings are crisp and pumpkin donuts & apple cider are all the crave right now- yes, it must be Fall!  I loaded up the kids the other day with grandma & grandpa and we went to Heidi's, our local Farmstand.  This time of year, not only is it fun to pick out pumpkins there, but also to play in the dried corn, visit animals, go on hay rides, venture into the "corn maize", and slide down a huge tube to name a few.  We had a blast!
My crew!  Lauren, Hannah, Jenna, Tyler & Tanner watch ducks with grandpa 
I love Tyler's expression- he wanted so badly to get in the pen & be part of the 5 goat-kids instead of just a plain ol' 5 kids!
Lauren wants to get a little closer to the pony
Grandpa watches as the quads go vertical! 
"Why hello, horse.  My name is Tyler and you say 'neigh'."
I just love Jenna's sense of style!  She ALWAYS dresses herself and has her own flair!
Grandma, as always, can juggle my crew like a pro!
Tyler popping a squat
Lauren picking out the perfect pumpkin
Tanner jumping in the dried corn- the coolest play spot e.v.e.r!
I think our house needs a few corn boxes, too :)
Giant Tube Slide- my attempt to go down with all 5 kids was laughable!

In other news, we FINALLY received the building permit to start the addition!  That has brought lots of much anticipated movement on our house recently and I am so excited that progress is being made even if that means a lot of dirt these days!

So, what the heck are we doing?  Glad you asked.  Essentially, we are adding another bedroom & a little more living space.  But additionally, we had our kitchen renovated (Hallelujah!), are getting vinyl siding on the house (so long, woodpeckers), and getting a deck with rungs that are to code (no more cirque-de-sole children through spindles, which is heart stopping!).  The concrete guys poured the walls this past week and I am told it all goes much faster from here.  Hope so!!!  I am trying to be patient, but oh my goodness will the reclaimed space, additional bedroom & return to (kinda) normal be SOOOOO nice!

The new space, viewed from the current dining room.  It will be 2 levels of 14'x17' space

Side view of the renovation site.
I can't wait to show the "After" pictures!
And oh, we also started Potty Training Lauren.  This process is taking longer than I expected (I think I set my expectations waaaay too high with that 3-day potty training method that all the moms say work.  Well, with 3 other toddlers the same age & into EVERYTHING the moment mommy turns her back or goes into said bathroom with Lauren, it just ain't gonna happen like that.  But every some days we make a little progress.  So that's something.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Our fantastic, awesome, lovely neighbors (The Schmidts) took it upon themselves to help pick out Halloween costumes for our kids this year.  Now, how did they know that I had NO IDEA what I was going to do???  They are amazing.  So I will end with these cute pictures of the kids in their adorable outfits because of course, we had to try them on & then go show the Schmidts!

Tanner the Dinosaur, Hannah, Jenna & Lauren the princesses, and Superman Tyler
We are ready to go, Halloween!
That's our Fall in a (few) snapshots, how about you?



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  1. That farm looks like so much fun, and so festive! I'm excited about your permit, and can't wait to see the results.