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Monday, May 5, 2014

Everyday fun, yummy bugs & a getaway!

There is so much to blog about, but first let me talk about what's going on in the house these days.

Jenna's latest obsession:  Frozen!  She has the movie and instead of buying the CD we just downloaded a couple songs to out itunes- we literally listen to them several times every. single. day.  On a plus side, we no longer listen to the Nutcracker music every day.  Jenna loves drawing her beloved characters!
Elsa: It reads, "Snow Glows White"
"Anna"- notice the flash of white in her hair?

The other day I was feeding the kids a snack and got an impromptu flash of creativity- I quickly turned our boring raisins, pretzel sticks & cheese slices into fun bugs!  This snack was kid approved and literally made on the spot!

Meanwhile, daddy is working lots these days and trying to get cat naps where he can.  It is a losing battle!!!

Tyler thinks daddy's ear makes a fascinating toy!
Hannah, below, is always finding creative ways to get into things (literally!) and have fun!

And now, about the getaway!!!!
I actually am going to do an entire blog post about my fun getaway this past weekend, but let me just give a teaser:  I was able to leave (alone!) Thursday through Sunday this past weekend and travel to Grueue, Texas to meet up with 6 other moms of quadruplets.  Andy & my mom held down the fort just fine here while I hung with these amazing women all weekend long.
In one word, the trip was EPIC!!!!
From L-R:  Amber B, Ashley, Amber S, me, Krista, & Griselda

~Jumpin' for Joy~
...More to come!  Have a great Monday, y'all!  (yup, I was in Texas, all right!)



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