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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Recap

Some family gatherings we capture sweet photos of they whole family cozied on the sofa, or adorable posed pictures of little ones.
The quads a year ago:  Lauren, Tyler, Tanner & Hannah
This Easter wasn't one of them!

In fact, the only picture I have of all five kids is this:

And, the only photo I have of Andy is this:

And while my mom was able to snap these gems of Jenna & I before church, that was where the attention to capturing the day in photos ended.

The night before Easter, Jenna & I went over the story of Easter with the aide of our Resurrection Eggs.  we love them, and they are the first things Jenna always digs up from storage every Spring.  We go over them often.  I love that Jenna is at the age where she asks really good & challenging questions regarding faith.  This season of Easter brought many great discussions about sin, God's love for us, Jesus' sacrifice, his resurrection from the dead, the restoration that is possible in Christ, and His beautiful redemption.  All this seems really theoretical and heady, but trust me- the discussions were very age appropriate and fun!  I love my Jenna girl so much.  She is just the neatest kid, and Andy & I are so grateful that God chose to give her to us.  And as a bonus, she helped us learn how to parent one child before diving into four at once!

On Easter morning, the kids were super excited to see baskets & buckets filled with goodies.

Jenna had full attention with her bubble gun!
My mom graciously came over to watch the quads as Jenna, Andy & I went to Church (no, we don't take them yet.  Don't judge).  After lunch & naps, we went to Grandma & Grandpa's for Easter Dinner.  Mimi (Andy's mom) and Aunt Ute & Uncle Tom even made an appearance!
Did we get photos?  Certainly Not.
My sister Cindy, husband Steve & their kids Kayden, Soren & Reece joined us along with a friend of Grandma & Grandpa's.  Grandma had a scavenger hunt.
Did we get photos?  Ah, no.

After we ate dinner, the kids played outside on the deck with Grandpa.  Apparently I remembered I had a camera, but did not have the clarity to remember to snap pictures of Grandma & Grandpa together, or take a family picture, or pose sweetly on the sofa with other family members.  

Aunt Cindy tickling the boys

Oh well, despite the lack of beautifully posed pictures, we got some good candids & had a great day with family.

So great we were too busy to take more photos!



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