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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thumps, bumps & giggles

I would love to write a nice, interesting & insightful blog post.  I have lots of topics that float in and out of my mind all the time.  And then they float right away!  Life is so crazy busy and my brain & time is so limited.  So instead, I will quick send some pics of our everyday slices of life, just in case you want a peek into our craziness!

Jenna was looking over the house yesterday and said, "Mom & dad, it hurts my feelings that there are lots of pictures of the babies and not as much of me."  Oh, that girl!  Seriously, there are tons of pictures of her all around the house but lest I focus more on the quads in this post, here are some pictures of our 
Very-busy-smart-creative-sassypants-lovely-heart-of-gold-Jenna :)

And now some pictures of our diabolical very independent quads.  
I think they will be causing me a heart attack soon.  
They are not very containable these days.  YIKES!!!!!!!

"Look Mom!  We can climb on the sofa now!"  
-So far, 2 have decided to see what's on the other side.  Big thumps.  Not cool.-

 "Look mom!  We know how to open these tricky cabinet doors now!  We like playing with those fun DVD's in there."

-And now the DVD's have been re-arranged and put into containers.  Trouble is, this cabinet is the only place my 12"x12" old scrapbook albums fit.  
So should I box them up now or hope they leave them alone?  
Unfortunately I know the answer all too well.  Sigh...-
At least no DVD's were actually harmed during this episode.
"Look mom!  I can easily climb over this armchair of the sofa, and climb onto the changing table behind me.
It's fun to escape!"
"Look mom!  We can scale this wall and get to the other side!"
-Again, there have been some thumps.  I think these guys are made of rubber and yes, I think they dare each other to do it-

When we let the kiddos go "free range", there are four little ones who like to show me just how un-childproofed our childproofed house is.  Trash cans & toilets are so much fun.  As are keyboards & cabinets.  And drapes, high chairs, bar stools, and oh!  That fun little lazy susan.  And whatever big sister Jenna has laying around.  And shoes- shoes are fun to chew.  And....(the list goes on & on)...

At least they are just the cutest quads around, right?!?

We are one happy bunch of kiddos!

Despite all the re-arranging, changing, cleaning, re-cleaning, re-re arranging, rearing & gearing, these kiddos put a smile on my face all the time and at the end of the day I still snuggle them tight and realize how unbelievably blessed we are to have them.

Having said that, they probably will give me a few gray hairs & thousands more near-heart attacks over the years...  



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  1. I have mini panic attacks and heart attacks all the time! The rest of our house isn't so quad-friendly either, so they remain supervised outside of the play room! Glad to see some new pics, they're growing fast!