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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gram & Gramp Camp

Last weekend the kids and I made our way 3 hours Up North to trailer-camp with Grandma & Grandpa for a few days.  This is my kind of Camping!  The small kids & I shared a very nice trailer that you could easily live in (my mom & John do when they volunteer over the winters!) while Jenna stayed in the cottage with Grandma & Grandpa.

The first night the kids were beyond tired and acted hysterical until they passed out by 11 (and so did I), but the rest of the time was great!  I love how they are getting older and can do more things than they did last year.  My favorite is they all can bypass naps now and still do decently but then sleep like rock stars (actually, the boys rarely nap now.  If they do, they are having a party past 10 in their room that always includes at least one stripping despite crazy-taping diapers and stern warnings to keep clothes & diapers on).   But I digress.
Fun times at the beach!  The weather was warm (70's) but a little windy and the water was cold, but the kids didn't mind.  Actually, it was perfect because there were barely any other people at the beach & playground (easier to keep an eye on my kiddos when they are the only ones playing!)

Tanner on the playground by the beach, and the other picture is from our house before we left- I just love how the kids play with grandpa!  

Do you see those random towels on the sand?  My sleepy, tired, and cold children are under them.
BUT- everyone slept like a champ that night so it was a win in my book!

Grandma giving everyone bedtime snuggles.  It's so funny how the kids want nothing to do with me at bedtime, and everything to do with her!!!
Sleeping like angels.  
Ahhhh, I LOVE it when my kids sleep hard like this.  
It is a sigh of relief to me, and it also afforded me to spend good quality time with Jenna at dusk!

Jenna fished with grandpa and Mr. Nels, a neighbor.  She had so much fun and good success!

We went to the beach and played a lot and had breakfast, lunch & dinner with grandma and grandpa.  Now, how could it get any better than that?

Tyler LOVES his pancakes!  He literally can eat more than I can.  Don't let that 26# body fool you ;)
Hannah is quite a big fan of the pancakes, too.  Heck, we all are!

Lauren petting Buddy gently
 Spending some great quality time with Jenna one night-- eating s'mores around a campfire!

Ahhhhhh,  Pure Michigan!



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