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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Food, Teeth & Snow

We are into week 2 of eating with a spoon, and I have to say all 4 babies still find food a little weird.  However, every day they seem to eat more and more.  They spit a ton out (as babies do), and sometimes gag when food is in their mouth--- but--- at least now they do it with a happy face!  The four bottles/day schedule is working great and right now they eat after the noon bottle.  
Tyler is just a happy man because he is experiencing whirled peas (get it? anyone?)
Ready to eat, mommy!

Sweet Lauren takes food happily and then tongues most of it out.  She seems to like the tastes, though.

Tanner being charismatic as always.  I think he is learning to like food (i.e. he gags less)
Hannah is overall not fond of spoon feeds, but OH MY we have a new girl on our hands!  We switched her to a sensitive formula now, and she is happy, happy, happy and does not have tummy pains anymore at all.  Yeah!  

However, something else is now causing some drama....

Mommy, it hurts!  It hurts!

I feel so bad for them!  Tanner and Hannah have pains the worst right now, especially Tanner poor dude.  All four are sticking fingers in their mouth all the time.  A fellow mom of multiples swears by Amber teething necklaces, so I think I need to order a few.  In the meantime, I am giving him Tylenol a lot and trying icy chewy things, but they just make him more mad!

Lastly, it finally feels like winter!  Last winter was kind of a "dud", as it was unseasonably warm and the snow was weak.  I myself am not a cold-weather fan at all, but my dear little daughter is!  She has been loving going out and playing in the white fluffy fun!

"Mom, this is the best weather ever!"

making a snow angel

My cute little snow bunny


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  1. Oh those messy baby faces are too cute! Boy do they like to spit new stuff back at ya'! Mason successfully gagged up an entire mouthful of carrots today, apparently those aren't his favorite. I figured out that our crew likes the oatmeal with fruit inside. I see your girls like to look down during spoon feeds too. Rylin does that and rubs her plastic bib on her face making it a total mess! She had squash in her eyebrows yesterday.
    That snow is lovely! I'm glad Jenna got to make some snow angels. That is a winter must!