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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Adorable!

The Good!
Babies are growing so well and developing excellently!  All babies are 2 months gestation, almost 5 months old.  They are smiling and cooing, and have really good head, neck & trunk control.

Tyler falling asleep during tummy time.  Awwww!
We do get spit-up on several times a day (sometimes its more like The Exorcism-level puke several times a day!) but they are overall really good babies.  Hannah continues to be our Diva and has really good temper tantrums, mostly in the evening.  However, she is really smiley too.  The OT from Early On suggested she has a "low threshold"-- I agree 100%!  When she is happy, she is really happy!  When she is not, SHE IS NOT!

Oh, the DRAMA!
They have excellent visual tracking skills and just seem to love to look and interact with people.  This makes Jenna very happy when playing with them!  Speaking of Jenna, she enjoyed our very first Nutcracker show Saturday.  We went with a friend and Jenna's only complaint was that she couldn't go on stage and dance with everyone else.
Princess Jenna on a date with mommy!

The Bad!
In November, I found out someone stole some pictures & posts from this blog and used them to create a fake blog.  MY posts, MY pictures, but this person had changed a few things (like our kids' names & date of birth)!  Andy and I were obviously not happy, and we got the blog site removed fairly quickly.  I think my blood was boiling even more than Andy's was, and I spent a few days angrily saying to others or even just to thin air, "SERIOUSLY, who does that?!?".

Well, we had a computer savvy friend come over and he said it was most likely not a malicious thing (as in the person was not a weirdo with four fake babies at their house, or he/she not doing it to try to steal our identity, but more likely he/she was using my info to try and make earnings).  I guess I should find it flattering that someone finds my blog so interesting as to steal parts of our journey!  Regardless, I am now doing a few preventative things, including watermarking every picture on this blog & going back to watermark all from the beginning.  It does not protect us 100%, but it does make it more difficult for an individual to (illegally, I should note) do what he/she did.  Thus, you will find my blog under construction and if you go back to older posts, some pictures are not yet back in.  In all my spare time, I am working on that--- ha!

The Adorable!
Early October was the "original due date" of our quad squad and we celebrated with a professional photo session.  Our photographer was Dan Johnson, who did a fabulous job!  I met Dan & his wife Jodi 10 years ago when I became a Senior High leader at our church.  They were fellow leaders and had lots of energy (mandatory for youth ministry).  It was great having Dan capture our beauties!  These photos are already 2 months old and the babies have grown a ton, but they turned out so great!

The Boys
Our Fab Five
What an arm-full!



  1. Sheesh... People are crazy!! Glad you got it all sorted out though!! :) I'm so glad you MAKE TIME to post as often as you do... I have really enjoyed keeping up with your journey!

  2. I have read that it is good to put your watermark more toward the center of the picture so that it can't be Photo Shopped out as easily. Your kids all look great. I am thinking the Christmas tree might not be as evenly decorated next year!

  3. Those newborn photos are adirable!!! I especially love the one with you and ll of the kids.