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Friday, June 29, 2012

Babies names... revealed!

Today I am officially 26 weeks and am so excited!  That brings viability up to 90% and now I am 6 weeks from my 32-week goal.  I have, of all things, a nasty head cold that started yesterday.  UGH- I am tired & having a hard time breathing & thinking & sleeping because of that... I also don't have much of an appetite either, but am forcing myself to eat when I should because I know the babies need it!!  Hopefully I can shake this in a day or two.  Even sitting and typing this is laborious right now!  Here is a picture snapped 2 days ago when I still felt OK:
Becky & belly at 26 weeks.
Speaking of the babies, yes.  We are spilling the beans about the names.  Totally Andy's doing, not my own!  On Fathers Day, we went out to eat with his family and at the end of dinner he looked at me and said with a twinkle in his eye, "Should we tell them?"  I knew what he meant.  Part of me wanted to keep it a secret, but honestly, it is kind of annoying (and very impersonal!) always referring to our children as "A, B, C and D".  So we told them.  Andy wanted to only tell family, but by the next week he had told a TON more people...  He cracks me up!  So here I go, telling everyone else.  Having 8 names all together to remember, maybe this is better so people will get the names correct by the time they're born!  Before I spill the beans, though, I made a cheeseball drawing a few weeks ago to show their location in my belly.  The babies have moved around a bit and it's certainly not to scale, but they are still in the same quadrants:

They are much more crammed in there than the picture depicts and I don't know if their heads are in the same position, but it hopefully gets the idea across.  OK, Names:

Baby A:  Lauren Faith
Baby B:  Hannah Grace
Baby C:  Tyler Allen
Baby D:  Tanner Andrew

So there you have it.  We are so excited to meet Lauren, Hannah, Tyler & Tanner!  Every day I feel relief when all have been accounted for by bumping in me, which usually is accomplished by 7 in the morning because they are so active!  Jenna is still doing so wonderful and is taking this in such strides.  She loves being able to name her brothers and sisters.  She is a goofy, wonderful, smart, imaginative, beautiful, and glorious kid.  We are blessed beyond belief to have her. 
Jenna dressing up in a shiny jingle outfit!

Next week we have our next doctor's appointment.  Thanks so much for all your encouragement and prayers!



  1. I hope you feel better soon!! The picture is very cute!!! I didn't know Jenna named or helped name them I will need more info on that :) Hope dinner was good we had the same thing last night and as I was eating I thought this is better spicy hope it doesn't give becky heartburn:) Have a good 4th and we will get together soon!!

  2. Love the names! Funny, I wanted to keep ours secret too, but George had to spill the beans. The drawing cracks me up! I especially love how Hannah is kicking lauren. I hope you kick the cold soon, I can't imagine adding a cold to the existing symptoms.

  3. Ohmigosh! Love the names. Isn't it so hard to keep it a secret! So awesome to be at the high viability point. So amazing. Love the drawing too :0) reminds me of our many many drawing competitions as kids! Ha. So happy for you Becky!!!

  4. So excited for you girl! You are doing awesome and you look great! ah, i remember the feeling of having no appetite (no room really!) and getting exhausted from just trying to type a single blog post on the computer. Hang in there and continue taking care of yourself, you are getting closer with each passing day! Love the names!

  5. I love your names! Our 3.5 year old is named Tyler Allen! LOL! I hope you are feeling better! Keep up the good work!