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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A peek into the future...

Today, we had 2 doctor's appointments:  our regularly scheduled ultrasound to get the babies vitals, and a consultation in the NICU with a Neonatoligists and Social Worker who will work with us when the babies arrive at the hospital.  Both appointments went excellent!
When we went to our regular ultrasound, we were happy to see that all the babies continue to have good heartbeats, and my cervix and the amniotic fluid levels in each sac are good.  Andy even sweet-talked the ultrasound tech to peek and "guestimate" how big "baby c" is right now- answered prayers, he has grown very well!!  We get measurements for all the babies again in 2 weeks, but it looks like he now is 1 lb, 4 oz!!!  Way up from 14 oz... PRAISE THE LORD!!  All 4 babies were wiggling around in my belly, so the best shot I got was of our little mover and shaker "B"... so precious!
Our "baby B" girl--- I love her profile, she is so beautiful!
 Then our doctor escorted us to the Children's hospital (Andy, of course, my chauffeur as I rolled in a wheelchair!).  We are SO blessed to live in a city where there is an AMAZING new hospital... it is brand-spanking new and full of so many thoughtful displays and amenities that every children's hospital should have!  As we checked in and made our way to the NICU area, we passed an ice-cream "stand" next to a kid-friendly pizza food court.  It is very colorful and fun & bright there, complete with a library that offers story time and a giant toy shop.  Jenna will love it there!

Once in the NICU, we met with one of the doctors and the social worker who will be assigned to us.  We toured the whole floor, and were very impressed with how well laid out and planned it is.  I am also so glad we now know more of what to expect; the doctor went over potential problems that might arise with the babies born premature, and thankfully nothing was shocking to me.  I have been trying to do my research and plan accordingly for what to generally expect and potential issues (if any at all), and so now I also have a visual for what our surroundings will look like.
 I am so glad we were able to do the tour today.  Overall, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude that we are privileged to KNOW and plan on having this be a part of our story, versus many of the parents who might be shocked, saddened and/or grieved when the NICU becomes a part of their child's story.  (I like to know what to expect, even when we know we can't know what to expect... does that make sense??)

I am growing by the hour, moving less by the minute, and welcome my 25th week with wide belly!  We have been so blessed with people bringing meals... God has truly provided, and it  is neat to see that every week a few people will call or contact us and ask to bring a meal.  I had intended on putting out our care calendar with meals and house cleaning by now, but God has been orchestrating it just fine so far that we get the help when we need it!  We will need to officially do that at some point, but right now what a blessing to trust that He is providing for our needs day to day!
Becky at 25 weeks
 Again, we truly appreciate all the prayers and support.  Thank you so much, and God bless you!



  1. Yay for a great appointment! Glad you got a peek at baby c, he is the same size as ours at 25 weeks. Our official growth scan is next week. It is great you got to meet your neonatologist and social worker. We met the head nicu nurse and got a tour, but that is it. Children's hospitals are so much more cheery than adult ones. It is great that you have lots of family support, I don't know what we would do without support like that.

  2. Amber, I totally agree, Children's hospitals are so cheery! Can't wait to hear about your next growth scan either, can you believe in our 2 bellies we have 8 kids?!?

  3. Yay for baby C!!! I am glad all your appointments went well and we will see you next I will call you tomorrow to make better plans!!

  4. You are looking and sounding so good!!! I'm THRILLED that people are already coming through with the help you need. And that's great that you are comfortable with the hospital and getting to know all the info. It helps big time to be aware of risks, potential preemie issues, etc. Our doctors were amazed at how well we handled everything—from the pregnancy to delivery and the first couple weeks at the NICU—and that we already knew so much. If you are able to do it, I would suggest a quick tour/peek of the OR. It helped me out a lot, anyway. When the big D-Day comes, I wanted to know where I'd be getting wheeled into amidst all the chaos. That way I didn't feel like I was in a strange place, since I'd already seen it before. Keep it up, girl!!! Only weeks left to go!