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Friday, June 15, 2012

24 wks... First Hurdle-- Cleared!!

You can't see it very well, but my shirt says "Expecting Quadruplets"

Today marks the beginning of my 24th week gestation with quads, and it is somewhat of a "milestone" in the medical prenatal world.  Before this week, the chances of viability (life) is much lower, but at this point the percentage raises significantly (74%!!!), and even more each week on.  Obviously in a regular single pregnancy there are 40 weeks to gestation, and by no means would I be breathing easily if I went into labor tomorrow or a water broke, but I am glad I have made it here thus far without any complications.  My next goal will be to reach 28 weeks, as the babies lungs (and other organs) will benefit greatly this next month to develop healthily -in utero-.  After that, my ultimate goal is to make it to 32 weeks (norm for quads is 31 weeks).  Please pray for perseverance & health for me and the babies!!

As I had mentioned in my last post, it feels like every week I go a notch lower in abilities, and this week has been no exception.  A few days ago I also started having a harder time catching my breath!  On one hand, what a great thing, because the babies are definitely growing!  On the other hand, I am always huffing and sighing and yawning and probably sound bored, but in reality all I am trying to do is catch my breath!!  I am also having a hard time getting around at all.  I do get in the kitchen here and there to grab water, a light snack, and I do shower still (but I have a shower seat I am borrowing that has come in VERY handy!).  Walking has become much more laborious and I am either almost always laying down or reclining now, and am often slightly uncomfortable (but that seems to go with the territory!).

It is a very weird time for me.  I love to have company, but talking can take my breath away (literally!) and so even visiting is becoming more difficult (but please, still come visit, people!!  I am bored!!!).  Thankfully we have had so much help from family and friends, people bringing meals, taking care of Jenna, that it is manageable.  Plus, as a friend pointed out yesterday, how awesome is it that I can be in the comforts of my own home as I grow past full term size, instead of being in a stuffy, sterile, boring hospital room.  AMEN!!!  I will take my peaceful, country setting with family around any day versus that!!!

Many of you have been praying for our little "baby C", thank you so much!  I am happy to say that I feel him several times a day-- as long as he is wiggling around in my belly, all is good!  I also feel the other 3 often.  I think it must be at least 100 times a day I feel the babies twitching and moving in my abdomen.  It is such a cool feeling!  However, my little baby C is being a stinker today!  This morning I got up and my left hip was killing me!  I felt him twitching in what literally feels like my left hip socket.  I can barely weight bear on my left (since I don't walk much this is not a biggie) but I am hoping he finds another comfortable spot soon!  That's it for now, but will keep you posted!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!




  1. Yay for 24 weeks! You sound so similar to me. My stamina is seriously declining. I got winded at the doctor's office walking from the waiting area to the lab (maybe 15 feet). I had to rest after writing about 5 thank you notes. But really, I'm just happy to be able to rest at home too and know that our baby C is kicking and fighting despite being tiny.

    hugs, Amber

  2. You are doing great!!! I remember those days when the simplest task left me winded. I actually limited visitors while at the hospital bc I didn't have the breath or energy to keep up conversation. I am THRILLED you made 24 weeks. That's awesome!! Their survival rate will actually greatly increase when you hit 26 weeks and then exponentially by 28. Keep up the good work, glad you're still at home!

  3. OMG, I'm so happy that you are making it thru without any major set backs :-) Your bambinos have definitely filled you out since I saw you last!! Can't wait for them to arrive. How is Jenna Joy coping with your "transformation"? Love it! Take care and I will keep you all in my prayers..

  4. praying and we will get out to visit soon!! You look great!! I love ya!! And will call soon!! Yay for 24 weeks so happy!!

  5. Congrats on reaching 24 weeks!!! That is a huge milestone! And lucky you that you are still home. I was admitted to the hospital for bedrest a few short hours before reaching my 24 weeks. Praying you keep on carrying them for many more!