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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July & Happy Birthday America!
So in love with my family! L-R kids: Jenna, Tanner, Hannah, Tyler & Lauren
I love Independence Day.  To me it means family, warm summer weather, food, fun, and a time to ponder in gratitude what it means to live in a Free Country.  The sacrifice of others yesterday, today & tomorrow so that we can live in freedom is sobering.  Thank you to anyone reading this who has fought for our freedom, and May God continue to Bless America.

Every year our family goes to a parade in the morning and then to the town carnival around the corner for an afternoon of fun.  I distinctly remember where I was last year: everyone went to the parade & carnival while I was a beached whale stationed on our living room sofa, drinking lots of water, huffin' and puffin' whenever I had to use the restroom, and incubating these little kiddos.  What a change, and what an amazing year it has been!


We took the babies to watch the parade, but then went home afterwards and let Jenna & grandma trek on to the carnival for a fun afternoon together.

Speaking of Independence, we also have some independence going on in the home:  Hannah has been loving to stand on her own for up to 15 seconds (she gets such a kick out of being able to stand alone, and has great balance!).  She walks holding hands loosely and it's just a matter of confidence before she is walking-- yeah & oh no!

Look at that face!  She is one motivated little girl!
Also, Jenna is officially independent at riding a 2-wheeled bike!  We took the training wheels off a few weeks ago, practiced, and then put them back on because she still wasn't sure she could do it alone.  I noticed on a walk earlier this week that she has amazing balance on her scooter- and I told her those training wheels needed to go!  Well, earlier this week Andy took them off- literally ran down the driveway with her once- and the rest is history.  Way to GO, Jenna!

And finally, I think I have mastered quad-tub time!  So way to go me for the independence of figuring out how to (easily, happily, & with minimal worries) wash 4 babies by myself and get them ready for bed.  I swear, I never though I would be an expert quite like I have become an expert on raising quadruplets.  I am learning it as I go along and have other quad mamas as my support system (not-so-ironically, fellow quad mamas Krista & Amber have kids the same age and also have just mastered this 4-in-a-tub thing, too).  I think if I had quadruplets again it would be no problem (said sarcastically and no, there is no way I am having any more kids naturally).

Hope you are able to enjoy your own slices of Independence today.




  1. What a difference a year makes! It's nice to spend a summer out of bed again ;) Well, tried the towel in tub trick yesterday and it wasn't so great. Everyone threw a huge fit, but I'm now wondering if it's because I have the water too shallow. With seats I had it deeper so they would have water on their tummies, but without seats I put just a bit in there so they don't go under. I'll keep experimenting until I figure it out!

  2. Yay for independence in more than one way! You no longer held home because of bed rest or rsv season. Jenna riding her big girl bike. And rub a dub dub 4 kids in a tub. We love being able to bathe all four at one time.

  3. Wow, this year has really gone by so fast! Happy Birthdya Jenna and Babies! Thank you for sharing you are awesome! Cute kids too!!! A friend in East Texas, Pam.