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Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

What a weekend!  Saturday we had a blast celebrating Jenna's 5th birthday.  I am filled with a mixture of happiness, gratitude, and yet sadness that she is (almost) 5!!!
"Happy Birthday to you..."
Family & friends (babies too!) enjoying the beautiful weather during the party
We had a dozen or so of Jenna's friends over and had perfect weather for the summer birthday activities!  We rented a popcorn machine, had water-balloon fun in the front yard, a treasure hunt, a Tinkerbell piñata, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, tire swing fun, and of course Tinkerbell cupcakes & presents.  It was a blast and Jenna felt so loved & special.
Piñata Fun! 
Finding necklaces, toys & bubbles on a scavenger hunt 
Jenna was serious about breaking open that Piñata! (probably because she helped me stuff it with sweets!)

Hannah showing off her standing skills

Jenna's good friends Blake & Reagan taking a ride int he jeep!

The grandmas were awesome and took care of the babies so we could be outside for the party
Jenna and her cousin Autumn (from Texas!) being Arabian Princesses 
Cooling off with daddy in our deluxe family pool
Our birthday cake on Sunday celebrating all 5!
Then on Sunday we had our neighbors & family over for dinner and cake as we celebrated the Babies' First Birthday (July 17, 2012) and Jenna's Birthday (July 18, 2008)!  A couple behind me in line at Costco were stunned by the cake & asked if indeed all names were "mine".  They were shocked to find we had 5 birthdays in 2 days, but shared a laugh with me when I joked that, "Yes, we totally planned to have quadruplets and have them born the day before our daughter's birthday to condense the amount of birthday parties."
Babies cuddling with Aunt Cindy & cousins Grace & Kayden.  Kayden was a HUGE help getting the yard and everything set up for the birthday parties!
I love how kids can find fun while the adults talk!
We had a nice dinner and the babies joined in- the girls especially loved all the food!
Babies with uncles & cousin Julia.  In case you're wondering, Andy is wearing a muscle shirt that reads, "BEEF CAKE."  It was given to him as a gag gift from my sister & brother-in-law, and he gets a chuckle wearing it!

"Happy Birthday to you, TylerLaurenHannahTannerJennaAuntWendyGrandpa!" (oh yeah, it's their birthdays too!)

They had no problems tearing into the cake!

Hannah with crazy cake hair.  Lauren showing off her double fishy lip

Julia & Aunt Wendy talking girl talk with Hannah
Presents!  We were ecstatic that we got boxes and boxes of the best gift ever: diapers!
I think the ribbons and paper were waaaaay more exciting to the babies than the diapers!
Tanner playing peek-a-boo in Ms. Diane's arms!
The post-cake clean-up.  I think I will use this pool to give baths again!  They loved it!

So that was our birthday celebration!  As for their "real" birthdays, I think it will be much more low-key and our family will just quietly enjoy and savor all the blessings of the year/years.  That, and I don't think I have it in me to plan & execute another birthday party for at least another year or so!




  1. I can't believe our babies are (almost) one! What an amazing year. Tanks for sharing the ride with me. We are totally dunking our quadlings in the pool post cake too.

  2. I forgot to mention, I am so happy you made the party all about Jenna. She is an amazing big sis and deserved it.