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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Donkey on the Edge

Lest you think I have it all together or that I am "supermom", let me dispel the myth:

I am a donkey on the edge!!!!!
This phrase, taken from the movie Shrek, is one Andy & I often use when hanging on a thread.  The babies got a head cold around Wednesday, and I have been kicking myself that I wasn't more hyper-vigilant with Hand Sanitizer last weekend with the parties.  it just slipped my mind and now I am reminded why I am so crazy over washing my hands, asking Jenna to wash her hands, and in general being over-protective of the babies regarding germs.

Because it just ain't no fun with sick quadruplets.  

I am learning that when they are sick, I usually do fine days 1-3.  But then, watch out.  They get sick of being sick, I am sick of them being sick, Jenna is sick of them being sick & too needy, Andy is usually working, I am grouchy, I loose my patience all too easily, snot is everywhere, I have too high of expectations on Jenna and too little patience.  So there you have it.  When I blog I normally focus on the good things, but lets be real:  life can be difficult.  I try to pray for patience, but seriously 5 seconds later I am yelling at Jenna for something so not yell-worthy.  Sigh.  
All I can say is Thank You Jesus for coming to die for my sins because you can bet I will be needing His mercy, grace & forgiveness yet again in the next 5 minutes.  Ok, 2 minutes... or seconds.

At least I will end with some cute pics :).

Jenna & a tree frog.  No fear!


Don't let these smiles fool you:  the babies are all snotty, have fevers and feel terrible, but this is their first time eating mac n cheese (with ham pieces & carrot puree in it).


The food is especially good when big sister eats it, too.  They feel so big and grown up!  Mom likes it too because she can sneak veggies into Jenna's carb-loving diet.  Shhhh-- don't tell!


I think it's safe to say we will go through thousands of boxes of mac n cheese the next few years!

These kiddos LOVE the water table grandma & grandpa got them for their birthday!

It made for the perfect set-up for giving them a bath.  I just grabbed a bucket of warm water, towels & shampoo, and voila!  Outside bath time.  Only problem is they like to crawl away fast and eat acorns & gravel.  I think next time I will set up a pack n play to put them in after getting cleaned up so they don't scamper off, because that is no fun trying to wrangle up four clean babies all at once when they are scampering off to the dirt.
It makes me turn into a Donkey on the Edge REALLY quickly.

-Becky (aka D.o.t.E)


  1. You're doing GREAT! Being a quad mom is not for the faint of heart! Hang in there.

  2. My visit with you on Thurs. was awe inspiring, noticing your signs around your house reminding yourself that this is your sacrifice and service to God...made me recognize the need for our daily thankfulness for our blessings and reliance on God to get us through this difficult thing called Life. You do amaze me, I would be a d.o.t.e most of the time if I was in your shoes. Prayers for patience, joy and health going out to you!