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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hola, Amigo!

me at 16 weeks (a.k.a 4 months + 4 babies)
Nothing really new to write, we have another ultrasound next week and are doing good.  I am slowing down a little bit more each day, but still am able to do my everyday things, they just take me longer and I need to pace myself.  I am learning the art of Energy Conservation and Listening to my Body.

Which brings me to the title today.  For many weeks now, it has been more and more of a challenge to grocery shop, but I just can't give up the control of that one yet!!  Not that my husband or sister haven't offered on countless occasions.  Here's the problem: I wish I was a little more "Type A" and could write a detailed list including things like:  "Colgate toothpaste gel with fresh breath strips & whitening" or "bag of carrots with the skinny tiny ones, not the chubbier ones" or I wish I could be a genius at clipping coupons and know what brands be the best bargain, but alas I am not.  I must admit, I am also not the best at making lists.  I do use a list, but inevitably, when parousing the aisles, I see things that I need or forgot to write on the list, or things that remind me of a meal I want to make or that are just too good of deals to let pass by!
To compound the matter, I am terrible at following recipes and have always bought an assortment of items to cook and create meals with, but this style is out the door right now for a few reasons:  First, my cooking abilities significantly diminish when I am pregnant.  Something about multi-tasking with preggo brain.  Ask my hubby, he'll vouch for this one.  Second, I have less and less energy & desire to cook meals.  Third, I still get weird cravings and although I like almost all foods to eat, cooking them can sound downright gag-inducing at times.
Since this is a short-term problem, I am not too motivated to get more Type A or clip coupons or suddenly go crazy with the meal planning, but what I am left with is a terrible need to still be in control of the groceries I buy.  So, this last week, I did it.  I went into Meijer and asked to use the Amigo cart.  I felt a little stupid-- I mean, I am not that big yet and I look healthy--
But. I.  LOVED.  IT!!!
Well, not all of it.  I dared not look up at anyone for fear I would see someone I recognized, especially someone who is an acquaintance who doesn't know my story.  Even as I type this, I realize how entirely vain and pathetic and ridiculous I sound.  But that's how I felt. 
What I did love, was how I zipped down those aisles and was SOOOO much more efficient grocery shopping than I have been in over 2 months!  Rarely did I even need to even climb up and get taller items, because I must say Meijer does a good job keeping most things at eye level. The basket does not hold as much, but with the minimal effort needed, I think I could just go more often! I think I can keep this up at least a time or two more before I need to (sob) let others do my shopping for me.  Hmmm... does Target and Costco have the Amigos?  Maybe I should call.....
To my sister and husband, I will give up the shopping-- I will.  Sometime.
But until that day, Hola Amigo!


  1. I totally relate!!! I am 17 weeks and grocery shopping is just not happening for me anymore. I've been thinking of the Amigo, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Target & Costo have them =) You should read my blog post at from last night b/c I talk about our pathetic meals since I can't seem to cook or shop anymore.

  2. You go girl!!! Drive that amigo as long as you can it will make you feel like you still can do some things how fun!!