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Sunday, April 26, 2015


I find I often take random, cute, or endearing pictures, but then they get forgotten about and live only in the "Photos" icon of my phone.  Sometimes I post them on Facebook, but most I don't.  So I thought I would gather and share a few of these random moments.  
These are some snapshots of our life right now :) 

Tanner having fun in the potty.
The dreaded exciting seasonal wardrobe change
Welcome to the Niemeyer Styling Salon :)

The book says it all.  And Tyler is a shoe-in for a circus performer.

Dressing Up is FUN!

~Tyler, Tanner, Hannah & Lauren~

Jenna with a handful of frogs= one happy girl!!!
Jenna hunting in our backyard swamp for critters
Lauren likes the outdoors just like Jenna (and YES, she is wearing white pants in a mud puddle...)

A rare sight:  Tyler sleeping (with doggie in his mouth, of course...)
This is the most use my treadmill has gotten yet.  Sigh.
Going on an outing during the day!
A play date with my friend Stephanie and her 2 boys.  
Our beautiful Hannah is full of life!
Pretty Lauren having a blast with shaving cream!

I took the boys to Frederick Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies yesterday because they kept on asking to go again since we went with grandma & grandpa.  
It was fun having a date with just these guys & they LOVED the attention from mommy!

You know you're a penny-pinching mom of little people when chair covers are made from Press-N-Seal!
Stickers are awesome- Frozen stickers even better!
Ahhh, enjoying the fresh outdoors on our awesome new deck!
I only include this picture of lunch the other day because it was an epic fail.
I felt artsy, crafty, and downright Pinterest-y.  Do you think they ate this???  Heck no.
Moms, don't waste your time!!!
A sweet moment of all four playing pretend together so amazingly well...
...And literally one moment later.  It all falls apart.  Calling referee mom!
The kids all snuggly after naps

There are so many more moments that cannot be captured by photo, or times when I forget to take photos.  This stage (people tell me) is very fleeting.  Some day (people tell me) I will not be as needed.  So I need to remember these everyday moments and savor them.  
Oh, these sweet, sweet snapshots!




  1. I love this so much! The ironic part is I had the same post in mind! I took a bunch of shits one day to capture a slice of life, but haven't posted them yet. I try so hard to capture these fleeting moments. Ps- thanks for the warning on the crafty lunch fail. Looks like something I'd try. Lol

  2. Amber, I love your comment!!! I know it was a typo but it made my day ;-)

    Can't wait to see you soon in Lake Tahoe, sweet lady!!!

  3. Love the photos and it was wonderful to meet you and your quads vis this post!
    I am Amber B's mom and look forward to 'following' you!!!