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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kids at Work

The work of a child is play.  That is how they learn!  It doesn't take my Occupational Therapist degree to know that--- anyone who knows a kid or was once one themselves can tell you that!

This Spring, the kids have been very, very hard at work.  Motor, imaginative, social, emotional, and don't forget brain work.  Work, work, work.  So hard... ;-)

Toddler Tumbling with Ms. Tammy-  Thanks to my sister Cindy & Niece Kayden, I was able to have the kiddos do a parent-participation tumbling class all year.  Their final class & "Awards Ceremony" was last Friday.  It was so cool seeing their skills develop as the year progressed!

Hannah, Tyler, Tanner & Lauren.  Look at the height differences!

The Teacher, Ms. Tammy, is phenomenal!  Jenna took this class in her preschool years and fondly remembers Ms. Tammy.  She was bummed to now be in school & too old for this class!

Going to the Ballet!
Jenna and I went with neighbor friends to see the West Michigan Youth Ballet perform of Cinderella.  Then girls did great in the audience and the performance was superb!
Beautiful Princesses Belle, Cinderella & Elsa.  Thanks to the Schmidts for such fun dresses!
Love this girl!!!
As we were walking in, I saw this photo hanging on the wall.  The performance was at my old High School, and believe it or not, I drew this Charcoal picture my Senior Year!  It is my grandma holding my brother.  I am honored they still have it up!
Playing OUTDOORS!!!
As the weather warms, it is so fun getting outdoors to play again.  Yesterday was downright awesome sunny warm weather, so we had fun playing and snacking on the new deck.  This morning, before the rain really came down, I took the kids to a playground & we were the only ones there.  It was nice because I could keep tabs of everyone better that way!

Love this warm weather!  The kids literally spend all day opening & closing the doors and running in & out of the house.  I gated the front stairs, so they stayed contained and everyone enjoyed the new freedom & fresh air!
I think I need this at my house.

Don't you wish our work was even half this fun???



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  1. Yes!! Play IS kids work :) I wish schools got the memo....

    How cool that the kids took tumbling classes all winter! And that charcoal drawing is gorgeous! Had no idea you could do that type of art.