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Friday, September 21, 2012

3, 4, close the NICU door!

I am happy to say that as of Wednesday, September 19, 2012, our family was all together finally!
             We brought our sweet Hannah home!!!

When we got Tyler home, Hannah still wasn't eating full bottles and so she had to be gavage fed the rest of the food, but enough was enough.  The drive back and forth from the NICU with 4 kids already at home was exhausting and nearly impossible.  So, I learned how to Gavage feed her if need be, got the supplies I needed, and we scooted on out of there the next day!

When we got in the van I think the realization hit us that we truly, indeed had 4 infants.  Yes, Quadruplets.  Andy and I shared a lot of looks, in sort of disbelief that this was our life and that we finally were turning the corner away from the NICU to Home Life.  Fitting all of them into the van and getting them back home between feeds was a feat all its own!  We were exhausted and a little overwhelmed!  But so, so, so happy to finally have everyone healthy and home.

Getting our fourth and final installment of baby.  What a parade it was leaving the hospital with all our babies!  People kept on stopping to say something about our "parade"- and their responses varied from surprise to pity to joy to horror for us!  For us?  WE CHOOSE JOY!!!  We are blessed indeed!!!    :-)

Hannah's Homecoming (the kids are L-R: Tyler, Lauren, Hannah & Tanner)

My attempts at getting them all on my lap- not much room there anymore!

Our 5 Kids!
Since it has only been a few days since all four have been home, we are still adjusting and getting help here and there from friends and family.  We still are figuring out routines, set-ups, help, and what life is now for us!  I have had many times where it has just been me at home and I have nearly perfected the tandem feeding approach out of necessity!  Hannah does need some additional tricks sometimes to get her to feed successfully, but these are easy to do and she has been finishing all her bottles with a flourish.  Thankfully no gavage has been needed!

We also have really, really good feeders on our hands.  Everyone has been gaining weight and the doctor is happy with their health so far.  Here's the stats on our four chunkers as of Thursday!
Hannah is 6# 8.5 oz
Tanner is 6# 7 oz
Lauren is 6# 3.5 oz
Tyler is 5# 3.5 oz
We use Dr Browns bottles, which have way more parts but are great at reducing gas and fussiness. Washing them is a real treat, but thankfully whenever help comes over they don't mind being directed to our sink, which literally always has bottles in it!A dry-erase marker has been my best friend to write on these bottles!  Everyone's feed is the same except for Tyler who is still much smaller than the other 3.  We put his bottles in the same row every time and put a dot on the lid tops.  A simple old crock pot is what we are using to warm up the bottles, and it really works like a charm right now!

With 32 bottles/feeds in a 24 hour day, if I don't have help or don't tandem feed the feedings would take all my time!  As it is, the babies sometimes take as long as a half an hour to feed each.  With 8 feeds in a day every 3 hours, realistically I only have one good hour between feeds to do things like... shower, give Jenna some attention, do laundry, wash bottles, sort through gifts and clothes, schedule doctor appointments, change diapers, cuddle babies, write thank yous, pump, eat, check email, yadda yadda yadda.....
and then its time for another feeding.
Needless to say, my brain is a little frazzled!  And a little sleep deprived!

As far as sleep goes, Andy and I have been alternating night feeds so we both get better chunks of time.  We also have been so blessed with friends and family who have offered to do the midnight feedings.  As we muddle our way through what it's like with a four year old and quadruplet babies, we are so thankful for four healthy babies, a happy, helpful and healthy big sister, gracious friends and family, and especially all your prayers.  I would likely have breakdowns all the time if it weren't for God's strength and provision!
Now I must go for guess what?  Another feed!
But look at them--- awwww!  I must admit, we made really cute kids!




  1. So glad to see everyone home! Annika especially loves the pictures with Jenna in them. I wish I lived closer so I could help more...but for now, Here's prayers from afar....

  2. What wonderful news. We are so happy everyone is home where they belong!

  3. Way to go, Hsnnah! Becky, you can do it. I can't believe you still find time to pump. Props to you, but remember Zyrtec if you need to stop. I love sharing this journey with you.

  4. Congratulations on getting everyone home. We know what it was like going back and forth to the hospital and that very tiresome. We had to do that for three and a half weeks after we were able to bring 2 home. We have added you to our blog so we can follow and keep up with you. Our quads are almost 3 1/2yrs old.

  5. Becky that is awesome news. You will feel frazzled and a little like you brain has turned into mush, but know you are doing an awesome job. I am so glad to hear they have all made it home. Feedings can take up a lot of time at first.

    I am glad that you guys have help and that you are helping each other. That really is an important part of this multiples journey. I think you guys are doing great. Your challenges will change and your lives will never be boring, but you will love it I am sure.

    I love reading your blog and keeping up with the progress of the little ones. =D