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Monday, September 17, 2012

2 months old!

Tanner,  Lauren & Tyler having tummy time
Happy 2 Months Old to our four precious babies!

A few updates:  Tyler was able to join Tanner & Lauren and come home on Thursday, September 13!
3/4 There!

Welcome Home, Tyler!
 It feels so good to have one more home, but I must say while 2 seemed fairly "easy" (not that it's easy, just a matter of perspective!), three threw me off-kilter!  Suddenly I had more babies than arms, and the feeds & care took longer.  With 2 babies, caring for them was doable by myself.  But with 3, it's a little more time consuming and tricky!
sibling snuggle time:  Lauren, Tanner & Tyler
at Tyler's first doctor appointment

Tyler & Tanner settling in at home
 It has been a little adjustment, but now it's just life as we know it and we love lovin' on our strong little man Tyler!  Here are their weights from the doctor's appointment a few days ago:
Tyler is 4# 11 oz
Lauren is 5# 10 oz
Tanner is 5# 15 oz
They are growing so big!  I can't believe Tanner is almost 6 lbs, and Tyler is not far from 5 lbs!
Tanner & Tyler doing a "Praise Jesus!" (or a "so big!")
Bath Time!

And then there's our sweet Hannah....Who is still in the NICU!  Ugh.
I have to admit, this is so hard for me having her there!!!  With 3 infants and Jenna I can't just pick up and go visit the NICU anymore.  I have gone some days without being able to see her at all, and let me tell you- this is awful to me!  Even though I have 4 kids at home, my heart aches not having the fifth here, too.  We miss you, Hannah and want you home SOON!!!!!
Our sweet little Hannah bean
Tyler cuddling with Hannah in her bed the other day:  look how he is holding onto her arm!  It's like he is saying, "Come home with us, sister!"

We love you and miss you, Hannah!
There is lots of good news.  Hannah is growing well at 6# .5 oz, and she finally is off oxygen.  However, she still has times where she is not able to finish a whole bottle feed.  Thus, she needs to have the rest of her milk gavaged (fed via a feeding tube in her nose to her stomach) in order to get the nutrients she needs.  Technically, she should take all of her feeds for 48 hours straight before discharge.  But, when I talked to her doctor, I pleaded with him to send her home and I could just learn how to gavage her myself if need be.  He seemed OK with this given the circumstances, and it looks like Wednesday will be Hannah's homecoming day!  Tomorrow I need to go and learn how to gavage, but honestly when Andy and I have given her feeds she takes the bottle awesome, so our theory is that when she is at home with all of us she will do a superstar job of eating all her bottle with little to no problems!

Another good thing is that the doctors downloaded Hannah's monitor today, and it shows that she did not have any apneas or bradycardias in the last 5 days so she can go home monitor free!  This is good news, as we still have Lauren's monitor and it is a pain.  Hopefully Lauren can kick that thing to the curb soon, too!  Then we will have 4 wireless, healthy, strong and loveable babies at home!  Praise Jesus!
Life will continue to get crazy, and sleep will become more rare.  Thankfully we have had lots of friends and family helping out... the helps at the midnight feeds have been the best (especially when Andy has been working!).  We are getting creative and planning on Hannah coming home soon.

Andy feeding 2 at a time- a fellow quad mom friend showed me this feeding position, and I must say.  It works awesome.  Necessity breeds invention.
I had another shower on Sunday, and was showered beyond belief with lots of love and great gifts for the babies.  We have been blessed with such an amazing community of friends and family!  Everyone was so gracious and giving and kind.  One gift in particular blew me away, though!  It was from a co-worker of someone who attended the shower.  She gave us four adorable outfits for the kids, and the card simply stated, "From one mom to another."  Now how awesome is that?  I have never met this lady, and yet we are connected by the four little ones.  Wow!  People are so good.  Never underestimate the power of community!  (and thank you, amazing mom, for the adorable gift!).

Hopefully I will post again soon with news that Hannah is home.  We really appreciate all the continued prayers and support.  We feel so honored and humbled to be the recipients of so many prayers.  When I started this blog, I had no idea people would follow our story like they do!  I am floored and amazed and humbled, and at the same time forgetful and sleepy and ditzy all rolled into one.  Life is crazy.  Life is good.  And God continues to provide abundantly!



  1. Hooray for the final homecoming! It is hard to go from 2 to 3...and then 4. But y'all will figure it out and adjust to your new normal! I feel confident Hannah will be bottle feeding just fine at home. Trystan did great once she was home. I think it just has to do with the surroundings, the stress and them needing a little extra TLC from mom and dad. Look at how far you've come girl!!!

  2. Congrats! I am so excited to see almost all babies home! I don't know you but have been following your story since I was pregnant with my little one! {A coworker of mine has a daughter that told us about your story... it's a stretch- I know!! But all of us nurses checked in often while you were pregnant!} So happy to see such a great outcome! You've been in my prayers and will continue to be! :)

  3. Becky, first of all you look great! Second, way yo go babies! I am so excited Hannah is on her way home soon and I can't believe how big all of them are. They are as big, or bigger than mine!
    I love the pic of Andy tandem feeding. That method is saving us hours. George and I think there should be a tandem feeding pillow that works as a body contour for them. Okay....this is a random stream of thoughts, but working on little sleep and coffee.