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Saturday, May 26, 2012

21 week update & ultrasound!

Hello again!
Yup, I think it's confirmed.  I did jinx myself, as I have definitely felt my body hitting one of the many invisible "walls" my doc has told me about.  How crazy that a week ago I was feeling great, and now I feel I am about 70%-80% bed rest status??  I'm telling you, for me this journey is a challenge physically, but really it's more challenging at this time mentally (and emotionally/hormonally) too!!!

And when I say "bed rest", its not like I am laying in bed all day: let me clarify.  I do need to be horizontal or reclined more of the day than less.  I can sit upright, but not for more than a few hours at a time (i.e. sitting in front of computer, scrap-booking or looking on FB!).  I can get up, shower, get ready, make light meals, walk around and do things around the house by pacing myself.  I can go on very light errands (of course, with an amigo to help whenever possible) but this is starting to seem more trouble than its worth.  I can go up and down stairs, but try to limit it to no more than 0-3 times a day.  I do still enjoy friends coming over and chatting and bringing friends for Jenna to play with, but I need to recline on the sofa mostly instead of doing things you just do with friends over, such as getting up, going outside, walking around, making lunches, getting them a drink, etc.  And the hot weather does fatigue me more than I thought it would.  Duh.

Tasks requiring bending over are hard, so my little helper Jenna has been great with this.  Even unloading a dishwasher, as mundane of a task as it is, is difficult b/c of the constant bending and standing, so my lovely hubby does that!  If I do walk around "too much", I start to feel lots of pressure on my pelvic bones just like I did in my last days of pregnancy with Jenna (FYI: this is totally normal considering my size for all you worrying right about now!) so I really try to make a very conservative, conscientious effort to NOT walk too much.  Which can be hard for this stubborn mule, but I keep on reminding myself it is TOTALLY worth it.  I have precious cargo on board!!

And speaking of the precious cargo.... here are some pics!

Our identical twin boys: a profile comparison!

 Our boy "Baby d" has secured a spot in the top left side of my abdomen, below my heart.  I rarely feel his move, but it might be because he has little room already!

 Our girl "Baby b" is on the right side of my abdomen and LOVES to wriggle, move around, and press up on my rib-cage constantly!

Our girl "Baby a" was not feeling too photogenic this day, but let me assure you she is my most active one of the bunch!  Positioned head-down and the lowest baby atop my cervix, I am constantly feeling her move and dance around... 
but she also is very near to my bladder, so maybe that is why I feel her so often!

The doctor was not surprised to hear about my "wall", and just smiled and nodded sympathetically and reminded me we were to expect this around this stage in the game.  I found out my cervix is looking GREAT and is measuring wonderfully, which is huge.  If the cervix thins too much, bed-rest will go from something I feel my body needs to a MEDICAL MUST for vitality of life for these babies.  So praise Jesus for a good lookin' cervix!  My doctor sees no need to order me on "BED REST" or even talk about me needing to go to the hospital.  He wants me home as long as possible and trusts I will put activity restrictions on my body as needed depending on how I feel.

All babies heart rates were great, their fluids looked normal, and all look much bigger than they did 2 weeks ago.  My next ultrasound in 2 weeks will measure them again and look at all these other factors.  The biggest thing my doctor reminded me to do was to listen to my body and he said I am doing an excellent job with this so far.  Yeah!! 

I continue to have had such excellent support from friends and family!!!  I really couldn't do this without them, and I can't thank everyone enough... and for that I feel so grateful and humbled.  My husband Andy, especially, is so awesome and has become such a good cheerleader to me!  I know it sounds silly, but him telling me daily that he is so proud of me and he thinks I am doing great, that he thinks I get more beautiful by the day, is like sunshine to my soul and it bolsters my confidence so much!  I also pray for God's strength daily, and know I can do this because of Him, not because of my own devices.  I personally find comfort in that!

Thank you all so much for your support, well wishes, and prayers as we stumble through this crazy journey.  I really appreciate it!  Hope all is well with your lives!!!!



  1. Yay for a good 21 week appointment! You knew you jinxed yourself ;) You sound exactly like me. At 21.5 weeks I hit that wall too. My bed rest is about the same as yours. I can't drive though b/c it causes contractions so no errands unless someone takes me and there is an amigo. My husband's aunt got me one of those gopher grabber things since I can't pick up anything off the floor. It is great! Your babies look great!

  2. So cool to see the babies growing! They are so cute :) You're doing a great job gestating those little ones, and just keep listening to your really does know best! Miss you!!

  3. Dear Becky & Andy,
    I am so proud of you both & Jenna. Thank you for keeping us up to date per your blog. I think of you often.
    Your Illinois Adopted Cousin,