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Monday, August 3, 2015

Double Date

When I was vacationing with my quad-mom BFF's in Lake Tahoe this past May, Amber B mentioned how she and her hubby were flying from Texas to Chicago in August for a friend's wedding.  

"Chicago?  That's just a 3 hour drive!  Let's meet up!" I exclaimed.

And so we did.  :)

Who knew having quadruplets would weave my life with random people across the US & develop some of the most special friendships I have?  
Andy & I spent the morning with kids and then when my mom came to take over, we happily said good-bye.  Thankfully, my amazing cousin Katie lives right in downtown Chicago and so we were able to save some cash and stay with her.  
As a bonus, not only did I get a chance to catch up with her, but I also got to see my aunt, uncle, cousin Lisa & her kids for a few minutes, too.  Once we settled in, Katie drove us to Navy Pier where Andy & I hoofed around for the afternoon.  Without kids...!

We met up with Mr. & Mrs. Bell for dinner.  I was so glad Andy finally got to meet Amber & both of us finally got to meet Mike.  All 5 of us QMBFFs "chatter" in constant communication every day.   We talk about what's going on each day, the kids, and the hubbies.  So, while I had never met Mike, I felt like I already knew him!  They are great people and we all hit it off so well-- the only thing missing was Amber S, Krista, Ashley & their spouses!  

Oh, it was such a fun night!
After dinner, we saw a comedy show at Second City.  Good times!

Dates are wonderful.  Doing fun things like dinner and comedy shows are fantastic.  Meeting up with special friends and sharing many laughs and memories together?  Magical.

Now THAT's my kind of double date :)



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