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Monday, December 3, 2012

Four four month olds & a 4 year old (say that four times fast!)

Four babies, 3 (outdoor) cats, 2 parents, one Jenna, & life in general certainly keep things busy around here!  The quads are over 4 months old (1 1/2 months, adjusted), and are awesome babies.  They overall have very good temperaments and Jenna has adjusted well to them.  She is such a huge help!  And, thanks to the guidance from the book Babywise, they are on a rockin' schedule complete with solid night sleeps every night!
The only problem is that Andy had a head cold last week and now I have it...ugh!  Praying the babies & Jenna stay healthy!!!

Jenna and her "brothers & sisters" as she calls them
We had the babies' 4 month doctor appointment last week.  They are growing to be chunky little monkeys who are doing well on the charts!  Length, head size & weights were are on track.  They are all healthy and up to date on shots, and also all qualified to get a special RSV prevention shot because of their delicate preemie lungs.  They will get one every month and it does not completely protect them, but it definitely will help!  We don't want any unnecessary visits to the doctor or hospital for anyone!
Tyler-  10#4 oz, 21 1/4"long
Tanner- 11# 8 oz, 22 1/8" long
Lauren- 11# 7 oz, 22" long
Hannah- 11# 8oz, 22 1/2" long
Way to grow, babies!  They also are definitely growing as individuals and their little personalities are starting to shine.  Here is an update.

Lauren- Our smiley little girl!  She has bright eyes that always seem to take in the world in new & exciting ways.  She often loves to smile and flirt with anyone who talks to her.  She is a wonderful sleeper, eater, and is pretty content but has the sweetest siren of a cry when she is hungry or uncomfortable!  Although not a reflux girl, Lauren will spit-up if not burped well.  The other day daddy was feeding the girls and had not burped either one, and she erupted like Mt. Etna!  Andy started to panic and once I lifted Lauren up so she didn't choke, I laughed and laughed (I think I am far too use to getting puked on).  I had fun watching Andy problem solve what to do when you are still in the middle of feeding 2 kids and suddenly you have puke all over yourself, the sofa, and one (or 2) of the babies.   Lauren was just fine and seemed unfazed.  Daddy was not!  We LOVE our beautiful Lauren!

Hannah & Lauren with matching outfits

Hannah- our sweet little diva!  Hannah is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl with a gift for HOWLING in the evening.  In fact, we have a habit now of putting her in "quarantine"every evening between the second-to-last (6 pm) and last feeding (9pm).  Her quarantined area is the middle of our bed, and this is what happens:  after the feed, the kids all have "play" time.  Tummy time, back time, playing or snuggling with us, whatever the activity, Hannah starts to cry.  And cry.  And the more attention she gets, the more she howls!  And so we put her, propped up, in the middle of our bed.  We turn on a lamp, partially close the door, and she will howl for about 5 minutes and then be quiet.  Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she is awake, but she stays perfectly content and I think she needs the space!  Despite her diva-ish behaviors, we so love our Hannah and wouldn't change a thing about her!  She is just a fun little baby who has sparkly eyes and the cutest smile when you talk to her.  She is very curious and social.  Our beautiful Hannah!

Hannah hugging Tanner as they both snoozed off.  I love how close they all are!

Tanner- He is overall the most laid-back of the four!  Both boys have pretty bad reflux and are on meds for that.  I feel terrible for the pain they have, and Tanner is often straightening his trunk, extending his legs, and wincing.  On the plus side, however, he has wonderful trunk extension and has the best 90 degree head up on tummy time! (I know, what a therapist thing to say...).   Tanner also use to prefer his head to move to only his left side and I was concerned about torticolis and a flattened head, so mom here went into action. I started doing therapy with him and I am proud to say the preference is almost gone!   We also have Early On now coming for all the kiddos, so hopefully they can help with this and any other issues.  
Tanner has the longest, most adorable eyelashes and while not as smiley as the girls, he will stare adoringly at you with these big, beautiful eyes and my heart just melts.  Then, if I am so lucky, he will give this half-grin smile showing off a right cheeked dimple and it just makes my day.  I love my Tanner-Man so much!

Tanner is my guy in the blue stars.  Just look at that head control!

Tyler- my little peanut, my snuggle bug, and just the sweetest little baby!  I know some day he will be this big, hulky 6'2" man, but right now he is my snuggly little boy and I love it.  Tyler also has really bad reflux, and sometimes has a nasty refluxy-spit-up that will come up (even hours later) out his nose and mouth.  I still get a little concerned that he might choke or aspirate.  It is terrible- it scares & I'm sure hurts him too.  It probably happens a few times a week- he makes this choking sound, and then as it comes up he makes the most pathetic little scared cry.  I suction his nose and mouth immediately and hold him tight & upright to comfort and soothe him.  NOT FUN.  He is gaining weight & this is not uncommon, but I can't wait until this is a thing of the past!  Tanner did it a few times weeks ago but not anymore, so hopefully Tyler will "outgrow" it really, really soon.  My sweet little guy.  
Tyler also likes to stare adoringly into my eyes, and smiles are a rare but awesome thing to see.  Like Tanner, Tyler also has a dimple in his right cheek and does the cutest little half-smirk smile.  They are identical but both look completely different to me.  We love our little Tyler so much!
So serious, little man!

Tyler is the guy in front.  
Jenna- so big, so helpful, so smart!  Jenna is LOVING pre-school and is practically teaching herself to read!  She loves to sit at her table and write numbers, letters of the alphabet, words, draw pictures, and make letters for friends and family.  She can even write a few words on her own (Jenna, mom, dad, mimi, papa... the list is growing daily!).  Jenna is starting to read things like lotion bottles and sound out words.  She is so amazing!  Jenna also loves singing her heart out and she is always singing songs from her favorite Cedarmont Kids CD/DVDs.  Nothing makes me smile greater than her singing at the top of her lungs, "He's Got the Whole World, in His Hands!".  We are so fiercely proud of and in love with our sweet little Jenna Joy.  She is simply the best daughter and big sister in the world!
Jenna and her friend Reagan holding Hannah & Lauren
With cousin Elizabeth and K9-cousin Steve
Best Big Sister Ever!

As for us, it seems totally normal to feed 4 babies every 3 hours & wear spit-up as our cologne of choice.  And FYI, a white residue on shoulders is the "in" wardrobe accessory right now!

Tanner, Tyler, Lauren & Hannah having another pajama party

Life is very, very busy, especially as the holidays approach.  But, we are so blessed & we love it!


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  1. I just love how everyone is growing and thriving. They are all beautiful! It's god to know residue on the shoulder is "in" because I'm wearing some now!