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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day Zero

October 5, 2012-- Happy Due Date to our babies!  

Tanner, Hannah, Lauren & Tyler

In January when I first found out I was pregnant, I hoped & prayed I might cuddle a sweet newborn baby in the fall... little did I know that I would be cuddling not one, but 4 very healthy babies (even if they actually are 2 ½ months old)!

Our babies have grown up so much since their birthday, July 17.  At first, I wondered if they even would be able to survive, much less thrive.  But thriving they are!  
Here is the latest on how the quads are doing.

Hannah- Birth weight:  2#, 12 oz.  Current weight:  7#, 9 oz.
Hannah Then

Hannah Now
Since being home, our little Hannah Bean has blown us away with how well she eats!  She has made leaps and bounds in the past 2 weeks.  Sometimes she still might need a prompting at the start of meal-time, but she is by far our fastest and most coordinated eater!  Hannah is simply beautiful and a very good mannered baby.  She is alert and curious during play times, and when she sleep she does the sweetest little hum.  We simply adore her!
Lauren- Birth weight:  2#, 5 oz.  Current weight:  7#, 6 oz.

Lauren Then
Lauren Now
Our sweet, chubby little Lauren Ladybug!  Like Hannah, Lauren is a great eater and very well mannered.  She has a sweet demeanor and does the cutest little smile/chubby cheeked grin!  Lauren was on a electronic monitor to keep tabs on any apneas that might happen, but thankfully on Wednesday we got the all clear from the doctor to discontinue.  We were elated to be able to carry her around the house freely without having to unplug her and carry the monitor and its enormous cord with us ;-)!!!  We love her so much!

Tyler-- Birth weight:  1#, 14 oz.  Current weight:  6#, 6 oz.
Tyler Then
Tyler Now
Tough lil' Tyler continues to be our scrapper!  A little more than a pound lighter than his identical brother, he keeps up with and looks more and more like Tanner each day.  We are having to rely more often on tricks to tell the two apart.  Tyler is a sweet little boy and is also our fussiest and most “high maintenance” baby right now.  He loves being held, but just seems to be in pain at times and will cry and fuss especially after a feeding.  We feel so bad for him!  Both boys are very, very gassy and grunt a lot, so we are figuring out whether the discomfort is gas related or possibly silent reflux.  The poor boy often seems uncomfortable & so we use different remedies to try and ease his discomfort.  Fussy or not, we sure do love our Tyler, though!

Tanner- - Birth weight:  2#, 4 oz.  Current weight:  7#, 10 oz.
Tanner Then
Tanner now
Our big boy Tanner Man is the heaviest of all and so solid!  He is a great eater and always leads the others in being the first to request a bottle at feeding times!  Tanner is actually pretty much a mellow guy, just don’t mess with his food and don’t mind all his grunting he does.  Both he and Tyler burp tons when eating and toot a lot, too.  Gassy guys!!  Tanner is very curious and is starting to really interact with his environment.  He is quite a smart guy, and darn cute, too!
Hannah kissing Tyler's nose
Tanner & Tyler
Lauren & Tanner

Tanner resting (so cute!)

Girl time!

 Life is busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  God continues to bless abundantly!

God Bless!


  1. Oh Becky, those pictures brought tears to my eyes. I so remember all those little faces in July and it just makes me so proud to see how far they've come! So glad you are doing so well and enjoying them!! Love and miss them all!
    Nurse Kathy

  2. oh my goodness how adorable are they!!

  3. they are so cute! And i cant get over that our babies were almost all the exact same size. i had 1lb 15oz, 2lb 5oz, 2lb 5oz, 2lb 11oz!
    Your doing great mama!!!!

  4. I love this update! Your babies are totally amazing. I just love how yours are keeping up with ours even though ours are older gestationally by two weeks. They are all just adorable.

  5. Becky, I am LOVING this post! WOW! They've clearly been gowring so very much! I adore the boys' outfits, too. The flowers and then ties are perfect. Even if you guys are all set with help, I'd absolutely love to stop by some time and say hi, maybe bring dinner or treats. As always, please let me know if I can do anything! I'm in your area a lot these days :)
    Please give them kiss from me!
    Kelsey Lampe